In the Name of Allah The Most Gracious and Most Merciful

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Monday, November 23, 2009

Card no:11 - Green Trees Card (Thinking of you)

In this card I just draw some trees free hand and attached that to a cream n green colour card stock to give a little border, and then attached to the card with 3D foams. For the card border below I trim some green card stock with the designed scissors (scallop) and made the border which is attached to a cream color card strip. And finally I just added the text free handwriting,"thinking of you!". Thats all!

Happy card making!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Card no:10 - Simply a pattern paper card

In this card i just paste a pattern paper at the background and over it i attached a square of my own handmade paper which is attched to a white stock square, to give a little border. thts all.
i have another example also, below, u can attach some ribbons or buttons or the pattern paper inside and topped with the same pattern paper square.*smiles*

happy working!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Card no:9 - Handmade Floral stamped Card

This is also a very simple card, all i did is i made some floral stamps out of a foamic sheet (as i dont get any stamps here where i live) so all u have to do is to cut a circle and some petals from a foamic sheet and just paste them to a wooden surface ( a block) or any hard paper material (torn box hard surface) or on a hard acetate (transparency) this transparency method is the best as it is like clear stamping , you can even see your stamp where you are placing it, soo i just made some of them and painted them with acrylic paints with a sponge and STAMPED on this card at the below border, it almost finishes my card, thats it, u can embellish it with buttons, ribbons, or any cardstock/pattern paper, or any free hand drawn pic, as i did below.
Happy cardmaking!!

Another Example of the same method


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Card no 8: - Get well soon Card

  • In this card i used some handmade papers including, some brown paper, a handmade paper i made, and one i bought from Ikea, it was an indian handmade paper, i just over lapped them in different sizes.
  • I put a pressed flower on the top.
  • Wrote some quotation on GET WELL Soon and also wrote "With Sympathy" on the card.
  • Lastly i made some doodling lines all around the card.
thats all!

Card no:7 - A Leafy Card

This is just a simple basic card, hmm, i have just drawn some leaves at the border of a square and coloured them with dark and light shades of greens. Just made a black and white border of the card and at the top of the card i have pasted a square with some 3D foam adhesive and made the same black and white border lines and text. very simple,, *smiles*

Have a nice day!
Happy craftin'

Monday, November 9, 2009

Card no:6 - A Decent floral handmade Card

In this simple card i just used a golden dotted wide ribbon and over it i put a mesh square diagonally and a peach coloured rose and a brown checked bow. i text it with the wordings "Thanks" and thts all !!

Happy Cardmaking!!!

Card no:5 - An easy Card

3D Card

In this card i just used a free kit i got from a crafts mag,, it was simply a 4 to 6 times repeated images on one paper(these flowers) and i had to paste the main one first onto the card,the largest one, and the rest was same image but shorter than that image like some flowers than few flowers which i attached over the main one with 3d tape,(3D squares) i hope u get it, layering over and over from largest to smallest, thats it
Happy Cardmaking!


Card no:4 - Card An easy stencil card

i made this card for one of my school best friend name Samar, the card is still with me unfortunately, i hope i send her asap, she is a wonderful friend i have ever known.
  • In this card i just made a handmade stencil of an autumn leaf on a plastic sheet,(u can use a transparency acetate to make one, using craft cutting knife or paper cutter)
  • I just directly painted over stencil leaf to the card with thick paints orange and its shades, with a sponge(foam)
  • On the rest of the sides, i just lightly dabbed (dabbing) with the sponge free hand the same colour.
  • finally i wrote the wordings on top and glitter the top and the bottom lines with glitter glue, thats all!

happy cardmaking!


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