In the Name of Allah The Most Gracious and Most Merciful

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Card no:29 - Another Special Bouquet Card.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
Hello Everyone!
This is Another Special Bouquet Card
For Our Another Arabic Teacher
On behalf of All the Students,
It is also a Thank you Card,
For Details check the step by step Instructions.
Thank you!

Dear friends,
The tutorial is almost the same as in my previous post,
A Flower Bouquet Card (Card no.28)
only few things i have changed and used instead of other things, and the new thing about this card is i made two of the red roses myself (through quilling technique) and i have explained that through pictures below, so follow the instructions, and here you go!


Step 1
I crumbled the light brown paper, and opened and pressed with iron, to give it a distressed messy look.

Step 2
I tear it with the help of a steel ruler to the size i wanted on the card.

Step 3
Then Adhere the paper to the card using Roller tape (its the best) or you can use any glue stick.

Step 4
Then I made the Flower bouquet the same way i did before in (Flower Bouquet Card)
but this time i used some Handmade Red Roses and some ready made Peach Roses
See the instructions how i made the Red Roses below.

I Colour the Plain white silky leaves to Green leaves.

And Here is my Flower Bouquet which is ready to use on Card.

Step 5
I collected some mesh, in Red and Peach Colour and some Tieing stuff (its not a thread nor a ribbon, you can called it a string but its not that even *smiles*) you may have seen it on a cake or bakery boxes, which is wrapped/closed through this sort of a ribbon/string.

I neatly tie a Bow of that string, and attached the peach mesh with the school glue at the bottom.

I put the Red Mesh square under the Bouquet Diagonally, and added some dry stems into the bouquet and made the tag finally.
Click the Picture for Larger view
That's all!

How to make Quilled Roses.
Materials You'll be needing are:
  1. Thin Red Strip of paper ( I took 3/4 " x 12" long strip approx)
  2. Quilling Tool or a Wooden tooth pick (you can use that too)
  3. Tissue Dotted Ribbon (Any thick width wise Ribbon)
  4. A Coloured Wire ( I used Green Wire)
  5. Green Crepe Paper or Tissue Paper or Kite Paper (use some thin stuff)
Quilling Roses are easy to make,
use a Quiling tool or a wooden tooth pick (it works, I have done with that too)

Start rolling your red strip of paper, (if you are using a tooth pick, then do glue the strip at the very beginning, roll once and stick it there,using glue, then continue rolling, so it will not fall or come out)

So Start rolling the paper, make some spirals (swirls) then turn your strip at a 90 degree right angle, downwards, and keep rolling with that turning, (don't worry if it goes messy) turn again and again at 90 degrees downwards every time and keep rolling your tool, until you finish your strip.
Now just make it loose and glue the end of the Strip to the rose.

Diagram showing how to Roll and turn your strip.

1 2 3 4


For more Clear Directions of Quilled Rose,

A Video Tutorial of a Quilled Rose (from where i have learned)
Extras: For More different Rose Flower Tutorial CLICK HERE

I hope it will help you all.

After i made the roses, I cut the dotted tissue ribbon in square and the green kite paper in Star shape and attached them together to the rose, at the bottom and then wired the Rose.

This is the Ready bouquet which i used on the Card.

That's all Folks!
Happy Bouquet making!
Be happy always!

For Enlarge View Click the Picture
Thank you!



  1. Hi there, have just added myself to your blog. I like the way you have shown all the processes in making your card. I have only just started a blog so would be very happy for you to join me. Hope you don't mind, I pinched your visitor counter - would be lovely to have some flags up there too.
    xx chris

  2. Thanks for the comment chris, it will be nice to know your blog, do leave me your blog address, and ill visit you there,(innshallah)
    for flag counter, no problem, just let me know if you need any help for adding that counter at your blog, ill help you out.InnshaAllah.

  3. I managed to download the counter okay, thanks.

    My blog is

  4. Wonderful Wonderful card! I like all the elements you used in this lovely card! You're very creative indeed! Thank you so much for sharing and leaving a comment in my blog! As well as linking to it! I will check back later for more of your creations.

  5. Gorgeous card! Love those little roses :) Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing your card making talent.


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